Using technology to solve global social problems.

Purposed Innovation™ is a Colorado based nonprofit organization whose mission is to use technology to solve global social problems.

High Level Vision and Goals:
1. Provide purpose / meaning through creating innovative products that help children
2. Focus on multi-disciplinary biotechnology / biomedical products that fill global needs
3. Strive for quality and excellence in everything we do
4. Create the company that we would want to work at
5. Create a company that starts in Colorado and stays in Colorado
6. Operate off of a sustainable model with continual growth in mind
7. Create jobs and employ bright people who are motivated by purpose / meaning
8. Provide a good quality of life for our employees
9. No eventual goal of making anybody rich; hence the non-profit approach.
10. Generate a return on investment for our stakeholders 
(Return can be both in the form of tangible / monetary compensation and also the “good feeling” of knowing their contribution made a difference; depending on the type of stakeholder)
11. Money is viewed as a precious resource to grow the company and help more people
12. No eventual goal of growing the company to sell it off at a later time
13. No eventual goal of taking the company public

Our Hedgehog concept:

Please contact me if you're interested in being involved.

Luke Whitaker
Founder of Purposed Innovation
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